Manifest Destiny was used to validate the Indian Removal Acts, which occurred in the 1830s. Such legislation forced the removal of Native Americans and helped clear the way for non-native settlers to claim land in the west.

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...Manifest Destiny Final Draft Manifest Destiny was the 19th century American belief that the United States was destined to expand west on the North American continent. “This was all done in the spirit of Manifest Destiny, a term coined in an 1845 editorial be John L. O’Sullivan.” (Uschan 51) People who had this belief thought God ... Manifest Destiny argued, could not be absorbed into the republican system. The Indians, the Mexicans, and others in the western regions were racially unfit to be part of an “American” community. Westward expansion was, therefore, a movement to spread both a political system and a racially-defined society…. Americans in Texas Manifest Destiny can be described as a belief, in the 19th century, that North-America was destined to stretch from coast to coast and that the expansion of the U.S. throughout the American continents was both justified and inevitable. It is responsible for changing the face of America and creating a new nation (Lubragge, 1809-1900).

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